Areas ONLY Cold Laser Therapy Provider

With our Cold Laser Therapy, we’re much more able to help you with your arthritis pain than with chiropractic alone.  Arthritis is a degeneration or decrease in the cartilage padding between your joints accompanied by inflammation and stiffness.  Generally this is due to an overuse of the joint and wear and tear with time.  Joints don’t have little to no blood supply on their own and require motion to get it.  That’s why things like chiropractic are so important in the delaying or prevention of this condition.  When you have joints out of place, your muscles tighten down around them to prevent them from going further out of place.  This causes lack of motion, which doesn’t enable the joint to get the blood supply it needs and it begins to degenerate.  Taking care of your body through healthy choices like chiropractic and preventing problems like this before they occur or get to bad to treat with natural methods is the best choice.  However, if you have arthritis already and are looking for a natural safe solution without the potentially harmful and addictive side effects of drugs, our Cold Laser is highly effective in helping patients with arthritis and many other conditions.  For more information on how our Cold Laser can help you visit our Cold Laser Therapy page.