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Disc Bulge, Disc Herniation or Slipped Disc Treatments

Relief from a bulging, herniated or slipped disc can take some time as only the outer third of the disc has blood supply.   The inner 2/3rds or the disc requires motion to get any fluid to it.  Motion at the vertebral level often becomes even less if you have a vertebrae out of place in the area causing pain as local muscles will tighten up to prevent it from going further out of place.

In order to help break up the pain spasm pain cycle to help your disc get more fluid and blood to heal, chiropractic adjustments will be an integral part of your bulging or herniated disc treatment.  Traction on our Spinalator table will also help in getting more fluid to the disc.  Generally because of the poor blood supply bulging or slipped discs take around 4-6 weeks of treatment.  When we add Cold Laser Therapy, disc pain treatment results can be quicker as the focused light energy of the laser is used by the damaged nerve and cartilage cells to create more natural anti-inflammatory chemicals, more micro blood supply (capillaries) and heal quicker.

In cases where people are in extreme pain, they may need to consult with multiple professionals at the same time, adding some medical treatments like painkillers to their regimen while their chiropractic treatments are assisting their bodies in healing their disc bulge or herniation.  However,  patients need to take caution not to use ONLY painkillers as they do nothing to address cause of their pain.  If patients have a disc putting pressure on a nerve and they ONLY take painkillers or injections to cover up their symptoms the affected nerve(s) can be damaged.  Damaged nerves heal very slowly, at a rate of around 1 inch/month, or can be PERMANENTLY damaged if they have pressure on them for too long.  The length of time to get permanent nerve damage varies depending upon how much pressure, where the location of the pressure is, time and other factors.

Disc Bulge Disc Herniation Symptoms

Most herniated and bulging discs occur at the lumbar (low back) area, although sometimes they occur in the cervical spine or neck area as well as the thoracic (mid back) region. If the herniated disc is in your low back, you’ll typically feel the most pain in your buttocks, thigh, calf and foot.   If your herniated or bulging disc is in your neck, you’ll typically feel the most pain in your shoulder and arm.  The pain may shoot into your arm or leg upon coughing, sneezing or moving into certain positions.

Numbness, tingling or muscle weakness may ensue along the path of the affected nerve(s).  These are all signs of pressure on a nerve and/or reduced blood supply to a nerve.  As previously stated, if  left untreated, pressure on nerves from bulging, herniated discs and other problems can lead to PERMANENT nerve damage.

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