We go the dentist a couple times per year to get our teeth checked and help prevent cavities. This Chiropractic Maintenance Plan helps prevent problems in your spine. Our spines house our central nervous system which controls all of our organs, muscles and virtually everything we do. When our vertebrae are out of balance their discs don’t get proper blood supply and they start to degenerate. Since they don’t make dentures for our spines, I’m offering a special maintenance plan for you to help prevent pain and ill health.

To make chiropractic and healthy pain-free living easier for you, I’m including FREE visits in each of my maintenance plans.

Alternatively you can choose a bottle of biofreeze or vitamins/herbs instead of your free visits. Choose from products like GABA (for Stress), Phytoprofen (Inflammation), Sedaplus (Sleep), Quercenase (Allergies), Myorel (Muscle Spasms), & more.

Offer does not apply to medicare patients